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All hotels are hand picked and have to pass the ecoluxury globally tested sustainability and service excellence criterias – the ecoluxury Best Practice Principles.

ecoluxury ensures that its best practices are met by the all establishments selected and that they are updated and audited periodically also against new developments and continously more stringent criteria.

In order to facilitate the comprehension of the level of compliance of the single retreats with its best practice principles, the team of auditors of ecoluxury has created a rating system called the GOLDEN TENT that has been designed for all ECOLUXURY RETREATS who have proved their commitment to a sustainable business model by managing their impact on nature, on local communities and cultures, and reinvesting in local natural, cultural and economic resources and people whilst offering at the same time the highest level of service and the most authentic and pure experiences in the hospitality sector.

All ECOLUXURY Members are carefully selected and are audited against quality requirements in 4 major areas:

  1. Management of natural resources and landscape, nature preservation as well as reduction in the use of natural resources

  2. Degree of reinvestment in the local community, and all relevant initiatives aimed to improve the level of sustainable local social and economic development.

  3. Degree of local Social and Cultural responsibility programs comprising contributions to a improve local education and systems of the local community.

  4. Quality of the travel and hospitality services and the overall travel experience compared to the most unique and highest quality standards.
    Only applicants who score at the top level in all categories are admitted and may call themselves ECOLUXURY compliant and are invited to join our prestigious collection.

1 Gold Tent


Compliance with more than 20-40% of the ecoLUXURY Best Practice requirements.

2 Gold Tent


Compliance with more than 40-75% of the ecoLUXURY Best Practice requirements by significantly reducing and monitoring their environmental impact and progressively implementing policies in the upliftment of the people, the land and operating systems.


Compliance with more than 75%-95% of the ecoLUXURY Best Practices. This category represents retreats and entrepreneurs who have assumed a global leadership role in combining highly sustainable business and service models with a full comittment to excellence in the service and hospitality experience. These retreats are contributing to the improvement and development of global standards and innovations in all areas from technology, community programs and sustainability policies on an international level.

Finally there is a last category which is represented by the members which comply with more than 95% of all the Best practice requirements of ecoluxury. In addition to their 3 Tents they are asigned the suffix S, representing the Stars and global evangelists of the ecoluxury values and philosophy.

If you as a hotel are interested in BECOME A MEMBER OF ECOLUXURY please apply for our BEST PRACTICE PRINCIPLES at retreats@ecoluxury.com