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The Club - The Ecoluxury Club

Our partners:

Eco Luxury retreats are selected on the basis of their high quality of service, ecological and responsible projects and their environmental benefits that they provide in their territory. These Eco projects are truly innovative and illustrate the exceptional character of these hotels and their owner’s mindset. This eco-sensitive aspect is creating increasing interest globally and is involving the guests more.

The Club:

That’s why Eco Luxury has initiated a way through which you can contribute to the funding of these individual projects: the Eco Luxury Way. This Way provides you with a card that allows you access to special services, discounts, plus/benefits, events, through them you can contribute to finance, at least, one project selected of the 147 Eco Luxury Retreats.

Membership Options:

  • Once off sponsoring
  • Two annual membership options with various benefit plans

When purchasing your membership card from the retreat, your donations will help the project that the hotel offers annually. You will be given a written certificate of your contribution and can also be an ideal option of a responsible gift for a relative or friend. This contribution will allow you to monitor the growth of the project and the evolution over an annual period, all along knowing how your contribution has helped with the final benefits of the project. Even if your membership expires or is not renewed your contribution are benefits seen as long term world investments. Eco Luxury will keep you informed on monthly basis about projects, events, appointments and all new goals that we can achieve together.

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