The Eco Luxury Philosophy


What is Eco Luxury?

ecoluxury, a collaboration of the best retreats in the world, is changing the focus of tourism. It represents the new top quality brand which combines all what is ecologically and socially responsible with all what represents excellence in hospitality services and authentic experience, demonstrating that the two can go hand in hand.

We are the only leaders in global awareness of responsible businesses in the luxury tourism sector by supporting projects globally.

Our mission is to, endorse as an independant actor the excellence of retreats and promote them together to spread the values and benefits of the ecoluxury business and life style. ecoluxury asigns to its members an independant quality certification label which represents a new bench mark in the sustainable luxury tourism industry. Our mission, although young, has attracted companies from many different economic sectors.

From within the hospitality and tourism resorts, we have selected only the resorts which have passed our strict selection criteria which guarantees that the properties are fully committed to our values.