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by Enrico Ducrot CEO of ECO LUXURY

Enrico DucrotSince the beginning of the ecoluxury project many years ago, many things have changed…

In the past, the pioneers of ecology, have achieved many goals and their efforts were indeed not in vain. The public has become increasingly aware of the importance of influencing governments in order to correct the negative impact of human activities, by protecting the environmental resources of our planet.The frustrations of a few have spread borders, and in recent decades these pioneers have affected not only the policies of the richest but also the ones of the developing countries. From the strong passions of the pioneers, were born the so called "green" ideologies, this movement has proliferated and in some cases has developed also a radical expression. New political parties were founded, although these environmental groups have not always interpreted the collective expectations of the community and their desire to see real changes happen. The motivations for this need of change, which I would say is of great proportion, and numerous, because many of these are supported by scientific evidence and statistics. The nature of this historical change is complex but we all are increasingly aware that we are at a turning point of a developing model.

The transition we are experiencing is characterized by a system of values that are gradually being replaced by new ones. For example, the impact of new technologies that has profoundly changed our habits, beginning with daily life to the working world, leisure, and as well as our passions. This slow and gradual transformation process of society, economical theories, habits, and policies is evolving towards a more attentive care, interest and management of the environment.

After having reached a satisfactory level in the general quality of life, a wide range of the population are looking for instant satisfaction in those areas that are today considered a priority and have been neglected in the past. These new consumer types are gradually taking ground, but this is not happening due to the reduction of the annual income level. Therefore it would be short-sighted to attribute this change only to an economic crisis model.

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