Tipology:Eco Sustainable Tourism
Ecotourism & Sustainablility
Retreat: Pikaia Lodge
Ecuador > Isola di Santa Cruz

When we talk about the environmental sustainability of Pikaia Lodge, we can’t limit it to the environmental sustainability of our buildings and its future operation. We have to question the very existence of Pikaia Lodge. One school of thought is that tourism, and the development of more tourist infrastructure will harm the unique wildlife of the Galapagos, and this is a valid concern and one that we share.

Our architects, engineers, interior designers, hospitality consultants, energy and water systems specialists faced some complex issues. It took four years of planning and design for the architecture team, led by the famous Ecuadorian architect Humberto ”Coro” Plaza, one of Ecuador’s leading green architects, together with architects Roxana Castillo and Andres Cunto, and interior designer Maria Elena Frei. The creative result is well-applied eco-efficiency principles, sophistication and comfort, underpinned by the themes of evolution and the geological ages.