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Job, Education and Community
Retreat: Pikaia Lodge
Ecuador > Isola di Santa Cruz

Pikaia lodge will generate around 70 permanent jobs for local settlers on the island of Santa Cruz and comply with all legal, economical and social benefits stipulated by local labor laws.

We are developing long term social programs:

• For the last five years, Pikaia Lodge has employed an English teacher for the local El Cascajo school, and this program is ongoing.

• The Lodge donated materials for students’ parents to paint the local school. We have undertaken to continue our support to maintain the school buildings and fixtures.

• The Lodge donated materials to replace the church roof, work which was carried out by local community members.

• The Lodge donated paving materials and fuel for repairing the main road of the village, with the machinery provided by the municipality.

• We undertake to organize and promote regular sporting and ecological events in the village.

• When possible, local students will be invited to Pakaia Lodge conference room for ecology or science presentations by our scientific resident or guides.

• The Lodge will source agricultural products such as Galapagos organic coffee, vegetables and seasonal fruits, exclusively from the El Cascajo community.

• The Lodge will promote and include in its guest programs activities owned and run by village residents, such as visits to lava tunnels, craters and wildlife refuges. Local people can also offer home and village visits, providing our guests with hospitality and samples of local produce.