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Whitepod - Les Cernes
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Hideaway Retreats
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- Walking/Trekking - Spa
Eco Luxury retreats general information
9 Rooms | Children: yes 12+

Nestled in the charming village of Les Cerniers, surrounded by a blanket of glistening white snow and panoramic mountain views, Whitepod offers an unforgettable experience in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Whitepod is a unique concept designed to be in harmony with the surrounding environment whilst still benefitting from a luxurious and comfortable habitat. The resort is the ultimate mountain escape for nature lovers and adventure seekers: located at 5,577 ft of altitude, features 4,3 miles of ski slopes with private ski-lifts, an authentic mountain lodge which can accommodate up to 80 guests, a traditional Swiss restaurant and 15 geodesic-dome pods surrounding a central chalet.

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Ecological Principles

We have established ecological principles to support our key concern which is the environment: Whitepod contributes to local associations and charities to safeguard the local environment and restore landmarks. Energy is limited to the main lodge and the pods are heated by wood stoves and lit by petrol lamps. All our services, suppliers and expertise are locally based, including a grocery store that we run for the local residents. The furniture at Whitepod is either recycled material or sustainable Swiss wood. Waste that is generated by the camp is recycled in accordance with the local authority guidelines.

POD Technology

The pods were designed with 2 main concerns in mind, the impact on the environment and comfort for our guests. With the white canvas covers, the pod blends perfectly with the surroundings. Pitched on wooden platforms, they have little contact with the grounds, so that can be taken down at anytime without leaving a trace. Each pod has a private terrace with a view of the Alps, wood burning stoves with the latest insulation technology to secure comfort day and night. They are equipped for snow storms and can withstand snowfall of 45 lbs/sq ft with winds of up to 130 mph.