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United Arab Emirates
Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa - Dubai Desert
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- Walking/Trekking - Horse Riding - Swimming Pool - Spa
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42 Rooms | Children: yes 12+

Establishing a luxurious resort and nature reserve in the barren Arabian desert is the challenge which Dubai’s Emirates Airline has successfully met with its exclusive Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa. Located on a remote 86 square mile site only 45 minutes drive from Dubai International Airport, this secluded sanctuary has put the Emirate at the forefront of conservation. The design of Al Maha – Arabic for the Arabian Oryx, a desert antelope – is inspired by luxury lodges in South Africa, Malaysia and Indonesia, which combine the best of nature with the best of man-made creature comforts. Great hospitality, privacy and absolute comfort are the key priorities. The lodge externally resembles a Bedouin encampment; internally it features elegant furnishings and original artworks in a calming and sophisticated ambience .

Retreat Projects


Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa Dubai eco-tourism project is based on the conservation of a major land area, preserving the ecology of the desert, and on the reintroduction of indigenous wildlife and flora. We are planting over 6,000 indigenous trees and re-introducing free-roaming herds of Oryx and many other wildlife species. The core of our vision is the balance between luxury and preservation of the natural environment.

Local heritage

Al Maha aims to preserve the UAE’s heritage sourcing and purchasing rare antiques and artwork: our collection contains more than 2,000 antiques: art works, jewelry, weaponry, household items, furniture and handicrafts, that stay within the region and aren’t sold overseas. We organize Bedouin and desert activities such as falconry demonstrations, camel safaris, horse-riding over the dunes and traditional archery.

Water recycling

Al Maha is built above the largest natural water reserve in Dubai. An on-site water recycling plant purifies, recycles and re-filters ground water for use in domestic supplies. Waste water purified in three treatment plants is used for irrigation. In that way, up to 94% of water used in the resort is recycled.