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Banyan Tree Ringha - Shangri La
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Retreat Setting
Country Houses
Servies & Activities
- Mountain Bike - Walking/Trekking - Swimming Pool - Spa
Eco Luxury retreats general information
32 Rooms | Children: yes

Banyan Tree Ringha is situated in the spectacular mountainous area of China’s Yunnan province. In true Banyan Tree spirit, the resort comprises original Tibetan farmhouses, which the Group bought from local families, relocated and reconstructed in the traditional style. There are 32 rustic Tibetan suites with intricate woodcarvings, fireplaces and private balconies with either valley or river views. Each room comes with a luxuriously designed bathroom fitted with handcrafted wooden bathtub.

Retreat Projects

AIDS Orphans

Banyan Tree Lijiang and Banyan Tree Ringha were partners in “Walk for Chalk”, a Chi Heng Foundation project to support AIDS orphans. HIV have impacted rural China when their parents contracted the virus from tainted blood drives. “Walk for Chalk” exceeded the HK$ 2 million target (257,000 US$) and raided HK$ 2,1 million (270,000 US$).

Responsible Development

The visionary project of Banyan Tree Ringha is to preserve the culture, historical and ecological integrity of the Shangri-La County in China. The 18 Tibetan Farmhouses, which would usually be home to 3 generations of Tibetan with livestock and harvest, have been reassembled into exclusive hotel suites in harmony with the surrounding environment.


Banyan Tree Ringha shares its waste management techniques with the local community to help protect the local eco-system. An incinerator was supplied to Geino village, which is managed by a village resident whom Banyan Tree Ringha pays for, in order to help the community promote more responsible waste management practice. In addition, 14 families in Geino village received solar water heating panels to provide hot water.