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Pikaia Lodge - Santa Cruz Island
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28 Rooms

Opening in 2013

The Pikaia Lodge concept is designed for the environmentally conscious, eco-adventure traveler, who seeks intimate contact with the unique natural heritage of the Galapagos along with all the comforts of a highly evolved lifestyle. No lack of privacy, rigid timetables, seasickness nor confined spaces of the typical yachts or cruises. As our Pikaia Lodge guest, you will enjoy active, quality guided land and marine day programs in small groups. At night you’ll rest in spacious and quiet accommodations.

Retreat Projects

Ecotourism & Sustainablility

When we talk about the environmental sustainability of Pikaia Lodge, we can’t limit it to the environmental sustainability of our buildings and its future operation. We have to question the very existence of Pikaia Lodge. One school of thought is that tourism, and the development of more tourist infrastructure will harm the unique wildlife of the Galapagos, and this is a valid concern and one that we share.

Our architects, engineers, interior designers, hospitality consultants, energy and water systems specialists faced some complex issues. It took four years of planning and design for the architecture team, led by the famous Ecuadorian architect Humberto ”Coro” Plaza, one of Ecuador’s leading green architects, together with architects Roxana Castillo and Andres Cunto, and interior designer Maria Elena Frei. The creative result is well-applied eco-efficiency principles, sophistication and comfort, underpinned by the themes of evolution and the geological ages.


The Lodge will be carbon neutral, and powered exclusively with a mix of alternative energy sources.

Interior and exterior illumination will use state-of-the-art, ultra-efficient, warm white LEDs and energy-saving fluorescent bulbs.

All high energy-usage equipment, such as air conditioners, refrigeration chambers, pumps and elevator, will be powered with eolic wind generators and a set of encased sound-proof electric generators powered by clean 100% carbon-neutral biodiesel.

Job, Education and Community

Pikaia lodge will generate around 70 permanent jobs for local settlers on the island of Santa Cruz and comply with all legal, economical and social benefits stipulated by local labor laws.

We are developing long term social programs:

• For the last five years, Pikaia Lodge has employed an English teacher for the local El Cascajo school, and this program is ongoing.

• The Lodge donated materials for students’ parents to paint the local school. We have undertaken to continue our support to maintain the school buildings and fixtures.

• The Lodge donated materials to replace the church roof, work which was carried out by local community members.

• The Lodge donated paving materials and fuel for repairing the main road of the village, with the machinery provided by the municipality.

• We undertake to organize and promote regular sporting and ecological events in the village.

• When possible, local students will be invited to Pakaia Lodge conference room for ecology or science presentations by our scientific resident or guides.

• The Lodge will source agricultural products such as Galapagos organic coffee, vegetables and seasonal fruits, exclusively from the El Cascajo community.

• The Lodge will promote and include in its guest programs activities owned and run by village residents, such as visits to lava tunnels, craters and wildlife refuges. Local people can also offer home and village visits, providing our guests with hospitality and samples of local produce.