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Tsara Komba Lodge - Nosy Be Archipelago
Servies & Activities
- Fishing - Snorkelling - Walking/Trekking - Boat Excursion - Scuba Diving
Eco Luxury retreats general information
8 Rooms | Children: yes

Tsara Komba, the Caring Luxury Ecolodge of Madagascar is situated on the island of Nosy Komba, the finest island in the Nosy Be archipelago and also known as “Lemur Island”. Tsara Komba Lodge proposes luxury holidays and honeymoons in an exceptional, invigorating natural environment full of excitement and exhilaration, where Africa meets the Indian Ocean. It offers a rare and authentic charm, in perfect keeping with Nature and with the area’s wonderful biodiversity. Nestling in the heart of a breathtaking botanic tropical garden, the Ecolodge is comprised of just eight lodges, which blend in perfectly with the outstanding unspoilt Private Nature Reserve, guaranteeing an intimate and cosy setting for guests. Tsara Komba Lodge combines a Caring Lifestyle, a stylish and exclusive atmosphere, an excellent Slow Food cuisine, tailored services and excursions, in an atmosphere dominated by a commitment to comfortable luxury and ecology. Experience the gentle caress of the wind, the birdsongs and the sound of the waves lapping around this former volcano today covered by an abundant forest (sheltering lemurs, chameleons, hummingbirds, butterflies…), bordered by a sapphire or turquoise blue sea with excellent golden sandy beaches.

Retreat Projects

Flora & Fauna

The island of Nosy Komba is situated among one of the world's richest ecosystems. The Caring Luxury of Tsara Komba Lodge enables you to enjoy an astonishingly spiritual and eco sensitive relationship with Mother Nature. We preserve a private wild Indigenous Reserve, which is home to endemic plants, vanilla, cocoa and wild pepper, lemurs, chameleons, hummingbirds, black parrots. We have created The Eden Garden, a breath-taking tropical botanical garden with more than 200 endemic species, that guests enjoy to discover. To re-implant Baobab trees and Pachypodiums on the Island we also develop a conservation program with our Baobab Nursery® where there are many species and varieties of trees available to grow.

We are the first hotel of Madagascar to have its carbon fooprint (Bilan Carbone® Adème) calculated and the good results testify of our good processes.


The luxury lodges of Tsara Komba are built with local traditional materials such as wood (purple wood or sohihy), stone (granite, stones punts) and leaves of Traveller Trees for the roofs. The furnitures and decoration pieces come from Malagasy artists and arts & crafts.

To minimize our environmental impacts: we recycle metals, the plastics and packagings. Food and vegetable wastes produce the compost for the organic vegetable garden and the gardens. We take care to ensure the prudent use of water, which is drawn from a water source and which arrives at the lodges thanks to a gravity-fed system. Wastewater undergoes natural filtering and is used to irrigate the gardens, we use solar pannels for warm water, take advantage of the economical hours for electricity génération and we exclusively use lamps with low consumption. We get fish, seafood, fruits, vegetables, plants and materials mostly from local populations, in a fair trade respect. Our cuisine is Slow Food inspired, it respects the local products and seasons. Most of our employees are coming from the village nearby. We provide our teams with high-quality training and highest wages than the income support, and also the payment of their health treatment by setting up a health fund just for the hotel, in addition to the local social services already available here. At Tsara Komba Lodge, social responsibility is a way of life.

Community & NGO

Tsara Komba Lodge created its own NGO that acts in favour of the respect of people dignity, rebuilding the village of Antrema, situated at less than 1 km, where live approximately 150 persons. This rebuilding program includes thirty houses, a nursery school animated by two teachers remunerated by the NGO, a system of water adduction in the middle of the village, a rain drainage, bathroom appliances with toilets, showers and laundrettes, a dispensary and a library… and very soon lighting thanks to solar energy. Tsara Komba Lodge, is a true local economic powerhouse and acts to improve the living conditions of the isolated populations, and goes on preserving nature and social engagement progress. Tsara Komba Lodge is also surrounded of local guides to go with customers during the off the beaten track escapades, to meet local populations, to discoverer accessible insolated villages, and to thus foresee the Malagasy customs and habits. Lastly, Tsara Komba Lodge is the organizer of the Eco Chic Night in Paris, One Night to rebuild a Village in Madagascar, a support for the Malagasy artists through the auction of 120 art works to the profit of the NGO.