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La Casella - Ficulle
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32 Rooms

La Casella, an Eco Resort of character in the beautiful countryside of Umbria. La Casella is the first Umbrian Resort that has transformed the countryside vacation in a life style. A modern idea to “live nature”, especially for those people who grant themselves, every time that they feel the need, intelligent pauses, in order to live their own free time as a special event rich of experiences.

Located right in the center of Italy, halfway between Rome and Florence, at the border with Tuscany, on the main free way A/1, at the Fabro exit. At the center of an historical, artistic and important territory.

On the road to La Casella, slowly the mobile phone signal disappears. Initially it may seem an inconvenience, but soon enough it is easily understood that one can return to live without being too much involved and affected by technology. Without mobile phone or TV... a real paradise where one can rejuvenate themselves!

One can rediscover the value of silence through the night while sleeping in ancient farm houses, restored and transformed in romantic little hotels rich of fascination.

The resort has a wellness center (SPA), a fine-dining restaurant (where cooking classes are held by gourmet chefs) 2 swimming pools, one tennis court, multipurpose sport grounds, horse-back riding school, pony club and a club house.

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Horses and the countryside evoke images of freedom; of galloping steeds over rolling hills: however this romantic view that we have of 18th century cavaliers clashes all too often with reality of the damage it causes, both to the countryside invaded by inconsiderate riders, and to the horse which is treated as if it were a quad bike. Horses can be ridden in the countryside if we understand the correct dynamics needed that allows the horse to support the weight of the rider whilst maintaining fit and healthy and if we teach those who, these days, don’t live in the country to respect the pathways, the fields, the rivers and woods and all that humans risk destroying. This is the philosophy of horse and rider at La Casella.

The “Cena nel Bosco”

Or “dinner in the woods” is an event not to be missed that takes place during the summer season from June to September. Be it on Horse-back or on foot, the trekkers set off at sunset and arrive in the heart of the woods where a candle-lit table and roaring wood fire awaits. Bruschetta, Home made pasta, pecorino cheese, BBQ steaks and sausages are on the menu accompanied by Umbrian wine and completed with grappa and limoncello. The sound of the crickets and the hum of the fireflies are joined by a rousing guitar and after a good sing along its time to remount and head off back to La Casella, guided by moonlight. A Magical and unique experience for all ages.

An experience that can be lived by a group of people or even just a couple looking to enjoy a magical romantic candle-light dinner in the woods.

The Simulated Fox Hunt

During the winter months at La Casella the main event is the “Caccia alla Volpe” or the “Fox Hunt”. But animal lovers can relax; there is no real fox involved. The simulated fox hunt has all the elements of a hunt, but with an expert rider in the role of “fox” with a tail attached to his jacket. The Riders gather at 10am for breakfast (and grappa!) in the piazza of the hotel and are reminded of the rules. The Master of the hunt, unmissable in his red jacket, has been doing the hunt for 20 years and knows all the routes for an exhilarating ride! After a short break for an aperitivo, always with the fox in sight, the grand chase at the end takes place in front of La Casella. The rider who is canny enough to grab the tail wins! A fantastic experience for all.