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Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica - Puerto Maldonado
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44 Rooms | Children: yes

Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica was one of the first ecolodges to operate in Perú. Since 1975 it has been receiving adventurous guests in a simply elegant ecological lodge situated on the banks of Peru’s Madre de Dios river. The lodge has 35 thatched “cabañas” (huts) and a big central two story ample main hut. Reserva Amazonica allows its guests a safe and comfortable place from which to explore the Amazonian Rain Forest with its rich sounds. The rooms combine luxurious furnishing with the simplicity of lantern-lit spaces. The main building consists of a two-story pavilion with cathedral ceiling that houses the dining room, the bar and the main lounge. The 35 cabañas, raised on stilts, are scattered around the property, some of them overlooking the river. The Lodge, adjacent to the Tambopata National Park, allows guests to experience the region’s wealth of plant and animal life in an authentic setting. Reserva Amazonica guides offer 11 excursions a la carte to be experienced at three levels of intensity ranging from child-friendly to extreme rainforest treks.

Retreat Projects


Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica supports social responsible projects in nearby local communities where national and international volunteers develop educational programs to provide field experience on how to preserve tropical forests around the world. The National Volunteer Program is aimed particularly at young local students who do not have the resources to extend their practices elsewhere. For the native communities, training, orientation and productivity programs are conducted regularly with self-generating resource ventures such as fish farming, beekeeping and domestic livestock breeding. Inkaterra supports its education and research programs in the Amazon with lessons, field labs and practical demonstrations.


The Fauna Rescue Center is located in a private property granted to Inkanterra´s non-profit organization (Inkaterra Association) as a concession by the Peruvian Navy with the objective to protect and manage fauna and species confiscated from urban areas. The Center provides a place to revive the health, food habits and wild nature of animals with the aim to rescue and protect them. It also conserves genetic material and ensures preservation of species and is the training center for environment interpreters in the area and promotes local environmental education.