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Kasbah du Toubkal - Asni
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14 Rooms | Children: yes

The Kasbah du Toubkal is an extraordinary venture, the product of an imaginative Berber and European partnership. There is a shared belief that the beauty of the Toubkal National Park should be accessible to all who respect it. To this end, the Kasbah has been transformed using traditional methods, from the home of a Feudal Caid into an unprecedented haven, providing a variety of accommodation and the possibility to meet differing requirements. The Kasbah is a welcoming environment for those seeking comfortable mountain refuge, and for those who wish for superb rooms in a stunning setting.

Retreat Projects

The Origins

Berber Hospitality Centre was designed and built on sustainable principles, which compliments the exceptional site. To protect the Imlil valley against unsympathetic and rapid tourist development, we focused on sustainable projects that provide diverse employment, quality of life and preserving the cultural heritage.


Managers from affluent global companies attending leadership trainings here. One of the exercises they carry out is called “The Imlil Challenge”: the aim is looking at new ways to improving the quality of life of Imlilians whilst maintaining and protecting their cultural and environmental values. Ideas that have been presented to the group hopefully can become a reality: the synergy of the Kasbah can have an influence in a wider area and culture of the Berbers.


Providing education for girls from the rural areas is of utmost importance. The Village Association of Imil together with “Education for All” Association have built a boarding house at Asni to allow the girls to continue with their education beyond the primary level. Girls often drop out of school as either the colleges are too far from their homes or their parents can’t afford them, nor have the confidence to send their girls away. Appropriate training for mountain guides, cooks and muleteers is being pursued. Tourism awareness is vital for the local communities.