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Kenya > Kilimangiaro

Maasailand ranches are part of an ancient migration route, where thousands of cattle breeding villagers live and work. Feral lions were at risk as they were ...read more

Tipology:Flora & Fauna
Masai Mara
Retreat: Saruni Mara
Kenya > Maasai Mara

The Masai Mara National Reserve of Kenya covers more than 400,000 acres and is situated between 4,900 and 6,800 ft above the sea level and is part of the ...read more

Tipology:Flora & Fauna
Retreat: Saruni Samburu
Kenya > Samburu National Park

The Samburu ecosystem is o¬ne of the most exciting in East Africa. Famous for its large population of elephants, Samburu stands out for the abundance of ...read more

Belize > S. Ignacio

Coppola’s belief is to provide fresh organic quality produce, despite the challenges presented by gardening in the jungle. The head gardener and his staff ...read more

Peru > Machu Picchu

Together with the Peruvian National Institute of Natural Resources, Inkaterra manages the Spectacled Bear Project, an effort designed to recover bears ...read more

Peru > Puerto Maldonado

The Fauna Rescue Center is located in a private property granted to Inkanterra´s non-profit organization (Inkaterra Association) as a concession by the ...read more

Egypt > Siwa Oasis

Agriculture is the primary source of livelihood in Siwa, engaging most of the local families. The area is free from chemical fertilizers and untouched by ...read more

Egypt > Dakhla Oasis

In association with the New Valley Province Al Tarfa has completed a survey of a vast dune area in Dakhla Oasis. The project succeeded in declaring 7 ...read more

Tipology:Flora & Fauna
Brown Hyena
Retreat: San Camp
Botswana > Makgadikgadi Pans National Park

The Brown hyenas are fitted with radio-tracking collars that collect data to acquire in-depth knowledge and dynamics of the clan, for effective conservation ...read more

Botswana > Linyanti

Elephants in Africa are under increasing pressure from expanding human population, from hunting, poaching and now even culling. The project is centered on ...read more

Namibia > Sossusvlei

The Namib Desert inhabits a challenging environment, particularly the coastal area which is supported by a rich marine life. Here the Brown Hyena feeds ...read more

Tipology:Flora & Fauna
Retreat: Little Kulala
Namibia > Sossusvlei

In 1996 Wilderness Safaris set up an operation close to the spectacular sights of Sossusvlei. This area had previously been used for goat farming: once the ...read more

Tipology:Flora & Fauna
Retreat: Serra Cafema
Namibia > Skeleton Coast National Park

Just north of the Kunene River, a group of sea turtles annually nest on Angolan beaches. These include the green, loggerhead and leatherback varieties. On ...read more

South Africa > Kapama Reserve

Elephant Safaris are unique to the Camp, and don’t pollute. Where trenches are created by the elephants, dung and branches are placed there to avoid rain ...read more

South Africa > Madikwe Reserve

At Morukuru we are nurtured by the beauty and tranquility of the African bush surrounding us, with its wildlife, birdlife and the wonderful communities with ...read more

South Africa > Tswalu Kalahari

The desert black rhino (Diceros bicornis bicornis) is one of the most endangered species of mammal in South Africa, listed as one of 10 critically ...read more

Seychelles > Frégate Island

The preservation, protection and nurture of its unique flora and fauna are fundamental. Frégate’s ecological program incorporated rehabilitation of ...read more

Tipology:Flora & Fauna
Retreat: Amankora
Bhutan > Paro

To this astonishing effect, Amankora has created a series of lodges, all creatively unique and sympathetically balanced to their environment, in order to ...read more

India > Ranthambore National Park

The camp serves Indian cuisine and a range of Western dishes, most of the herbs and vegetables are grown in a organic garden, which ensures the freshness of ...read more

Tipology:Flora & Fauna
Retreat: Aman-I-Khás
India > Ranthambore National Park

Twice a day guided excursions, in 4x4 open vehicles, take guests into the core of Ranthambore National Park, which once was the hunting grounds of the ...read more

India > Pench National Park

The lodge takes its name by the Bengal tiger, one of India’s iconic symbols and it’s situated a 5 minute drive to the park’s entrance, which takes the ...read more

India > Pench National Park

The Pench National Park is home to a number of endangered species. The tiger is the dominant predator: there are an estimated 25 of them. The other ...read more

India > Pench National Park

Since 1992 Pench has been included in the Tiger Project as the 19th Project Tiger Reserve. The reserve is a dry deciduous forest of predominantly teak trees ...read more

India > Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park, created in 1955, is considered as Indian’s greatest park and hosts many mammals and bird species. There is a mixture of lowland and ...read more

Tipology:Flora & Fauna
Retreat: Coconut Lagoon
India > Kumarakom

Kumarakom was once one of the finest mangrove forest areas in Kerala. After the development of tourism many mangrove forests felled, which badly affected ...read more

India > Bandhavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh National Park is a 448 square kilometres renowned tiger reserve nestled in the picturesque Vindhya and Satpura ranges, one of India’s most ...read more

Tipology:Flora & Fauna
Floral Tour
Retreat: Spice Village
India > Peryar

The village naturalist is actively involved in taking the guests on a botanical tour of the village. The tour highlights the importance of the native plants ...read more

Tipology:Flora & Fauna
Elephant Art
Retreat: Amanjiwo
Indonesia > Java

It all started in Thailand, when two Russian painters, Komar and Melamid, began teaching elephants to paint in order to raise funds for elephant ...read more

Tipology:Flora & Fauna
Turtle Project
Retreat: Amanwana
Indonesia > Moyo

Every year between December and April sea turtles come to lay their eggs on Moyo’s beaches. In the past, the locals villagers used to dig up the eggs and ...read more

Tipology:Flora & Fauna
Coral Reef
Retreat: Amanwana
Indonesia > Moyo

Amanwana has adopted a new method of reviving coral reef which involves placing an iron frame on the sea bed and charging it with a low voltage current. ...read more

Tipology:Flora & Fauna
Flora & Fauna
Retreat: Eden Lodge
Madagascar > Nosy Be Archipelago

Preserving the beauty of the site and its fauna is one of our primary objectives. We especially protect lemur colonies that are endangered today by their ...read more

Kenya > Chyulu Hills

For every night a guest spends at Campi ya Kanzi, $100 conservation fee is paid to Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust ($150 if staying at Kanzi House). ...read more

Madagascar > Nosy Be Archipelago

The island of Nosy Komba is situated among one of the world's richest ecosystems. The Caring Luxury of Tsara Komba Lodge enables you to enjoy an ...read more

United States of America > Alaska

Ultima Thule Lodge introduced sustainable practices in order to protect the land of invasive alien species, especially the cultivation and growing of ...read more

Mexico > Colima

The work is always in progress to expand our nursery with local plants, and also shade grown trees. Annual reforestation of approximately 800 planted trees. ...read more

United States of America > Wyoming

Since Amangani is located on a migratory path for deer, elk and moose, it offers wildlife excursions for our guests to view the animals that make up the ...read more

Turks & Caicos > Providenciales

Amanyara’s Nature Discovery Centre has launched the Amanyara Turtle Initiative, with the funding, capture, satellite tagging and release of Taino, a ...read more

Tipology:Flora & Fauna
Turtle hatching
Retreat: Amanpulo
Philippines > Pamalican

Pamalican is a nesting site for green and hawksbill turtles. Every year from March until October, females come up to the beach at night to lay their ...read more

India > Kerala

Planting of coconut trees and incorporating guests in the same process through activities