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Tipology:Eco Sustainable Tourism
Retreat: Saruni Samburu
Kenya > Samburu National Park

Saruni Samburu works together with the Northern Rangeland Trust to improve the life conditions for the 2,000 people who own the Kalama Conservation Area, ...read more

Peru > Cusco

Inkaterra protects more than 17,000 hectares of original forest, thus helping to reduce directly 3,315,000 tons of carbon. This measurement – the first of ...read more

Namibia > Damaraland

Waste management is environment friendly and all inorganic waste is transported bi-weekly to Windhoek for a correct disposal. Cleaning materials used in all ...read more

Namibia > Damaraland

The ongoing search of the elusive desert elephant is highlighted to the guests as they are educated of its habituation in the area. Excursions are ...read more

Tipology:Eco Sustainable Tourism
Retreat: Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge
South Africa > Kruger National Park

Habitat management is important for Sabi Sabi: that’s why we successful manage the reserve with forefront practices like controlled burning, water ...read more

Tipology:Eco Sustainable Tourism
Healing Arts
Retreat: Aman-I-Khás
India > Ranthambore National Park

The Spa consists of two treatment areas, each featuring twin massage tables, offering healing arts into rejuvenating Spa treatments. These include massages, ...read more

Tipology:Eco Sustainable Tourism
Going Organic
Retreat: The Marari Beach
India > Mararikulam

Fruits and vegetables are grown from the organic garden, and the day’s catch is served fresh, practically straight off the fishing boats. Water harvesting ...read more

Philippines > Marinduque

The provincial government is promoting Marinduque as the eco-tourism capital of the Philippines. “Green tourism” offers leisure and learning activities ...read more

Tipology:Eco Sustainable Tourism
Retreat: Ryokan The Kayotei
Japan > Kaga

Kayotei’s chefs are masters of the art of Japanese Kaiseki cuisine. Guests dine in tatami rooms in the style of luxurious “ryotei” restaurants. The ...read more

Tipology:Eco Sustainable Tourism
Retreat: Sumaq Machu Picchu Hotel
Peru > Machu Picchu

In Sumaq Machu Picchu Hotel we are convinced that sustainable tourism practices in our operations is the essence of our way of business.

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Tipology:Eco Sustainable Tourism
Ecotourism & Sustainablility
Retreat: Pikaia Lodge
Ecuador > Isola di Santa Cruz

When we talk about the environmental sustainability of Pikaia Lodge, we can’t limit it to the environmental sustainability of our buildings and its future ...read more

Tipology:Eco Sustainable Tourism
Argos and Ecology
Retreat: Argos in Cappadocia
Turkey > Cappadocia

Argos in Cappadocia uses drip irrigation system, an ecological method, in its own vineyards and gardens and recycle PETs to make lovely flower gifts to ...read more

Tipology:Eco Sustainable Tourism
Retreat: Campi ya Kanzi
Kenya > Chyulu Hills

Campi ya Kanzi believes in having a self-conduct code. We believe true ecotourism needs to address each of the following points:

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Tipology:Eco Sustainable Tourism
Retreat: Tsara Komba Lodge
Madagascar > Nosy Be Archipelago

The luxury lodges of Tsara Komba are built with local traditional materials such as wood (purple wood or sohihy), stone (granite, stones punts) and leaves ...read more

Tipology:Eco Sustainable Tourism
Natural Preservation
Retreat: Ultima Thule Lodge
United States of America > Alaska

The isolated location allows the Lodge to focus the majority of our energy to protecting and enhancing the natural world and also favor all products ...read more

Tipology:Eco Sustainable Tourism
Local Communities Support
Retreat: Cuixmala
Mexico > Jalisco

Cuixmala and the Cuixmala Ecological Foundation carry out various practices and are involved in local and regional initiatives to protect the environment ...read more

Mexico > Colima

The Hacienda de San Antonio and its Ranch “El Jabali” carry out various practices and involve in local initiatives to protect the environment ...read more

Tipology:Eco Sustainable Tourism
Organic food and health
Retreat: Kalari Kovilakom
India > Kerala

All vegetables and fruits used in Kalari Kovilakom are sourced from organic farms and dry provisions like rice, pulses, spices, are sourced from organic ...read more

Tipology:Eco Sustainable Tourism
Retreat: Amangani
United States of America > Wyoming

Amangani actively lives in sustainable practices, such as recycling and energy saving programs. The resort is crafted from soft-hued Oklahoma sandstone, ...read more

Tipology:Eco Sustainable Tourism
Local Heritage
Retreat: Amanjena
Morocco > Marrakech

A tranquil retreat, Amanjena reflects the region’s Moorish heritage in every graceful arch, stone courtyard and rose petal-strewn fountain, its ...read more

Tipology:Eco Sustainable Tourism
The Colours of Amanjena
Retreat: Amanjena
Morocco > Marrakech

Known in Arabic as Al Medina al-Hamra, the ‘Red City’, due to its rosy-hued walls and structures, Marrakech was the inspiration for Amanjena’s ...read more

Tipology:Eco Sustainable Tourism
Nature discovery centre
Retreat: Amanyara
Turks & Caicos > Providenciales

The newly opened Nature Discovery Centre at Amanyara offers an opportunity for both adults and children to learn more about the unparalleled marine ...read more