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Sanctuary Swala, formerly Swala Camp, is nestled in a beautiful acacia forest at the edge of the savanna in the southwest corner of the Tarangire National Park, one of the most exciting parks in the country. In the heart of Maasai country Sanctuary Swala offers a very exclusive safari experience thanks to picturesque landscapes filled with ancient baobab trees, ambling elephants and birds in flight. Built to the highest eco-friendly standards, this camp has a particularly low-carbon footprint. The 12 luxurious canvas tents are shaded by tall acacia trees and all are within sight of the well-frequented water hole which regularly draws lions, leopards and bull elephants. Exquisitely furnished with traditional materials, the tents at Sanctuary Swala are luxurious but in harmony with the nature. All tents feature comfortable king or twin beds, chairs and sofas, as well as en-suite bathroom with both indoor and outdoor shower. At the center of the camp there are a main dining area, a deck and a library lifted on stilts around an enormous and ancient baobab tree; there also is an infinity swimming pool overlooking the landscape. A personal attendant will take care of each couple of guests.


Luxury Tended Room

42 mq Mq


Swala Camp Dining

All meals are served on the tables set up on the main deck around the large baobab. A continental or English breakfast is served early in the morning before the scheduled activities for the day. Lunch can be enjoyed in the field or as a picnic during the safaris. Dinner includes three courses and a delicious dessert, a specialty of the camp: "Chocolate Kilimanjaro". It’s possible to organize private dinners by candlelight and under the stars on the deck of your own tent.


Swala Bar

Service Bar with full selection of beverages,beers,wines and spirits.




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