The quality of the environment is fundamental to the development of tourism, although many of its activities can have a great impact not always positive on the environment. Many of the negative effects of tourism are related to the consumption of natural resources: from the soil erosion for the construction of infrastructures, to the amount of electricity and water needed for their operation. Optimizing the tourist experience for the customer with the least impact on the surrounding environment is the main goal that the Ecoluxury Retreats must be able to pursue. To do so, each facility must have innovative systems that allow the use of renewable energy and intelligent water consumption. In addition, its management must include good sustainable practices in all operational processes. With the word Green Solutions we wanted to identify Ecoluxury Retreats’ projects aimed to create innovative practices to reduce carbon emissions, to improve waste management, to promote recycling, circular economy and local products, to ban single-use plastics and avoid food waste. Choosing an Ecoluxury structure means rewarding it for its commitment to mitigate tourism’s impact on climate change.

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