Benefits & Special Deals

Early Booking

Booking in advance, we can get a big discount or an upgrading on your accommodation! Find the exclusive benefits provided for you by our Retreats.

Wedding Surprise

There is always something unique and exclusive that you haven't thought about for your honeymoon! Our Retreats will surprise you and will be our gift for you.

Family Friendly

Ensure the ideal stay for all members of your family! Many Retreats provide free stay for your children or include special entertainment activities with no charge.

More for Less

Take advantage of our never ending special offers! We have many for you, for all tastes and all year round. Check now which offers are already online for the next season!  

Buy Local

Get great discounts on all the activities and purchases you make on site! Buying Local you will support projects to benefit local communities and to protect the cultural or natural heritage of the destination.

Give to Receive

Through several Foundations, Ecoluxury offers the chance to support projects even after your return. You will automatically join the Ecoluxury Club and benefit from the advantages provided for our members. Contact us to find out more.

Ecoluxury Club For You Only

Join the Ecoluxury Club and discover the benefits for our members: many Retreats offer you even more exclusive conditions. If you choose a Tour or include at least 2 Retreats in your vacation, you will get a great surprise as a club's member.

Ecoluxury Club Flex Booking

If you are a member of the Ecoluxury Club you can modify your reservation for free and reschedule it for another date. Discover the Retreats that offer you this exclusive solution and under what conditions. Contact us for more details.

Ecoluxury Club Special Care

From WiFi to breakfast always included, from late check out to room service or free spa treatments, with the Extra Package option, let our Retreats pamper you. Find out what they are and how. Contact us for any doubts.

Join our Collection

Are you a Retreat? Join our Retreats of the World Collection. Ask how to become an Ecoluxury Partner.