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Mahua Kothi conducts conservation lessons for school children from the surrounding community. The focus is on teaching the children the importance of conserving the jungle for future generations and how responsible travel can make a small but meaningful difference. Bandhavgarh National Park world famous for its dense cat population, supports the conservation of tigers with its hilly terrain and large grasslands that offer good chances of sightings and behaviour observation. The park is also home to a large variety of mammals; leopard, chital, chinkara, sloth bear, rhesus, grey langur, jungle cat, hyena, jackal, fox and wild dog.

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda

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South Indian Continent / India / Bandavgarh

Mahau Kothi is located in Bandhavgarh, one of India’s most scenic national parks, nestled amongst the picturesque Satpura hills. The lodge has 12 Kutiyas, charming suites newly built, in true Taj style, over the 40 acres ground and the original Kothi...

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