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Duration 9 Nights

Ladakh, the northernmost strip of India, is a high-altitude desert where a population of monks and shepherds pass down ancient spiritual and cultural traditions. Ladakh keeps intact the Tibetan Buddhism that the Chinese are trying to dismantle in Tib...

Starting from 4.400 €
Duration 7 Nights

Ladakh, although it’s a Himalayan district of India, belongs to the Tibetan Buddhist cultural world. This journey will lead you to the discovery of the centuries-old culture of Ladakh, exploring its fascinating picturesque monasteries enriched by anc...

Starting from 3.500 €
Duration 8 Nights

India Ecoluxury Panna, Bandhavgarh and Kanha National Park An itinerary focusing on the wildlife aspect of India, a country that is home to 95 national parks and over 500 wildlife oases. Prominent among the many wildlife species is the Royal Bengal ...

Starting from 3.250 €

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