ECOLUXURY, with GIVING BACK IN TOURISM, wants to promote a virtuous way of making tourism based on the alliance between Retreat and the excellence of the territory in which it operates.

Through the realization of specific projects, in line with 17 SDGs of 2030 Agenda, the Retreat Ecoluxury enriches the visitor experience and makes it unique and exclusive. Retreats and visitors become active protagonists in the creation of value of the destination.

A new travel concept to restore people and our planet of what Overtourism is taking away from us:

UNIQUENESS Unique and real projects that the traveler can only live in Ecoluxury Retreats.

AUTHENTICITY Travelers meet special local people who, in alliance with the Ecoluxury Retreats, develop pioneering recovery projects.

HUMANITY The destination becomes accessible to the 5 senses: touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight, to give it back its human dimension. 

SOLIDARITY  A valuable opportunity for travelers to help people and the environment around and within the Retreat Ecoluxury.

Please find here below some concrete examples of these projects carried out by Retreats Ecoluxury Partners in different parts of the world and their contibution to SDGs .


84 Projects

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