One of the last trips that Hemingway made to Africa was to the Okawango Delta...after 40 years of professional career in the tourism industry, I finally gave myself the "travel trip" and I retraced through Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe the same itineraries of the writer staying overnight in some of the most evocative and fascinating camps of the Ecoluxury line: a unique and total experience.Africa has always been a deep reason for me to travel, Asia an unavoidable goal of professional experience, the islands of the great oceans and many other lands of further opportunities to collect experiences to offer to my clients upon my return. I was lucky enough to grow my personal profile "live in the World": see a thousand places on  the spot , "have been there" to be able to properly recommend that location and advice my clients about what they really will experience there during their long-awaited vacation. The support I love to offer is not just a catalog of photographs, but an accurate and precise research work to design itineraries that must convince me first of all, both as a professional and as a traveler. A vacation is a unique moment to live, often arises  as a great need and should be treated with the utmost respect: I am convinced that traveling must always leave in our hearts and minds something important to remember forever.

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