The focus on protecting endangered animals and preserving unspoiled natural habitats goes back several decades, when the practice of ecotourism was still uncommon. Only later, some pioneers of environmental conservation have identified tourism as a way to finance their activities aimed at safeguarding valuable ecosystems. This is how many private reserves in Africa, reforestation projects in South America, marine parks in the oceans or repopulations of animal and plant species around the world were born. With the word Biosphere Conservation we wanted to identify those projects carried out by the Ecoluxury Retreats aimed at the recovery of coral reefs, the reintroduction of rhinos, the protection of mountain gorillas, the reforestation of native plants in places where the presence of man, in the past, has risked causing irreversible damage. Choosing to stay in one of the Ecoluxury Retreat means helping to restore a sustainable use of the marine and terrestrial ecosystems of our planet ( SDGs 14 & 15 ) and, perhaps, also partly, a way to compensate Mother Nature for the mistakes made by previous generations.

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