The growing tendency of visitors to seek authentic experiences is a great incentive to preserve and enhance the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of a tourist destination. When tourism is carefully developed, it is respectful of local customs and traditions and does not alter the distinctive characteristics of the destination, it can play a fundamental role to protect the identity of the place and spread its culture. In addition, tourism can generate important revenue which, if used to create partnerships with communities and local governments, can contribute to the realization of ambitious projects to enhance historical and cultural heritage, sometimes fundamental to curb the depopulation of villages and generate employment, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals. With the word Cultural Heritage we wanted to identify those projects carried out by the Ecoluxury Retreats that have allowed to recover historical houses, create archaeological areas or simply make available and accessible the arts, architecture, lifestyles, beliefs and traditions of the many cultures existing in the world. Choosing an Ecoluxury Retreat means being able to support these projects and ensure that the historical and cultural heritage of the place you visit will be handed  down to future generations.

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