Dear Friends,

when I started ECOLUXURY, Retreats of the World in 2006, the idea was to have a laboratory in my tour operator Viaggi dell'Elefante, a big antenna that could identify and listen to the trends of the high-end market. I have focused everything on sustainable tourism because since 2001, when I set up tented camps in natural parks and a hotel in the caves of Matera, a Unesco heritage site. Since then, we have greatly increased our activities thanks to the suggestions of our Retreats Partners.

We have developed a dynamic showcase with a continuously updated portal. You can see all Retreats Partners, their activities, the rating, the marketing, their projects of Giving Back in Tourism, how to book rooms, the fair, etc.

We have created ECOLUXURY Travel Points, travel agencies trained to sell this kind of travel experience. In fact, it takes special training to be a consultant for a niche product that doesn't end with hotels, but also makes the client experience the Giving Back in Tourism projects.

We have created a fixed appointment, the ECOLUXURY Fair, which annually brings together the Ecoluxury Retreats with the best agencies in the European market.

We have created the ECOLUXURY Tours & Packages of Viaggi dell'Elefante in any destination where the Ecoluxury Retreats are located. Then we expanded the collaboration with tour operators.

We invested in our projects, in our "Giving Back in Tourism". In fact, how can we judge the Giving Back in Tourism projects of the Retreats Partners if in ECOLUXURY we are not the first to realize them?

We have increased our network and we are constantly looking for new representatives around the world to be closer to our Retreats Partners.

And last but not least, we have collaborated with important study centers, researchers, world organizations of sustainable tourism.

So, if you think all above mentioned could be interesting for your aspiration, I invite you to register to receive more information on how to become our PARTNER and join the Collection ECOLUXURY, Retreats of the World.

Enrico Ducrot


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