Tourism is generally widespread in rural and underdeveloped destinations where poverty is most pervasive and there are few economic alternatives. It is often the first production activity that develops after a war, an earthquake or an environmental disaster and that encourages the construction of important infrastructure, creating jobs and promoting social inclusion. Tourism, if well managed, can therefore reduce poverty and significantly improve the economic and social conditions of local communities. With the word Local Socio-Economic Development we wanted to identify those projects carried out by the Ecoluxury Retreats that contributed to the creation of important infrastructures aimed at improving education, women's empowerment, health care, nutrition, sanitation and water supply in many remote locations around the world. Many projects are carried out by the Foundations set up specifically by some structures that provide different forms of fundraising. With Ecoluxury you can choose, during the booking, which project to support, check in person on site how the contribution will be used and continue to support the different initiatives even on the return, becoming part of the Ecoluxury Club.

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