Il Palazzetto Ponza

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The conservative restoration of Il Palazzetto involved the interior and facades, paying attention to the original archival photos to faithfully reconstruct the destroyed parts with special care in the choice of colors of the facades, respecting the original chromatic tones of the Ponza houses. Attention to detail was paid to restoring the cornices and ancient balcony railings, the high "domed" vaults in the rooms and the large cistern for water collection were preserved.

3-night stay at Il Palazzetto Ponza

With 41 kilometers of jagged coastline, small inlets and stacks, the island of Ponza was certainly reached first by the Phoenicians and then by the Greeks who, having reached Ischia, then moved further west to the Pontine islands of Ponza and Ventotene. The island of the sorceress Circe over the centuries was used as a place of confinement and penance. Today it is a favorite tourist destination for Romans, especially for long weekends in summer, while during the rest of the season it can be an extremely pleasant place to experience the sea and tradition. It can be reached by ferry from Formia (year-round and from Terracina and Anzio (summer only).


Day 1: Il Palazzetto

Departure from the port of Formia for Ponza, the trip takes about 2 1/2 hours. Upon arrival a representative of Il Palazzetto will meet you for a cab transfer. Il Palazzetto is perched in the Santa Maria neighborhood so it will be necessary to walk the last stretch of road, the steps, from the Santa Maria marina to Il Palazzetto. Il Palazzetto provides help with carrying luggage. At check-in, Il Palazzetto staff will give you all the information about activities and places to visit on the island. In the afternoon we recommend a stroll along the main street of the village while for dinner Il Palazzetto can arrange for you to have an aperitif on a boat at sunset.

Day 2: The sea of Ponza

After a tasty breakfast at Il Palazzetto, pack everything you need for a boat trip along the island's coastline. Your skipper will guide you to discover the most striking coves, stacks and secluded beaches to dive into. Don't forget your snorkeling equipment as Ponza's turquoise sea hides incredible underwater wonders. Return to Il Palazzetto and relax. A tasting with typical island products awaits you on the terrace before leaving you free for dinner, don't forget to book your restaurant for tonight. Our recommendation is for Acqua Pazza, with a Michelin star certainly the best restaurant on the island.

Day 3: Between the blue of the sky and the sea

After breakfast, equipped with suitable shoes and clothing, hike one of the island's trails. You can choose between climbing Mount Guardia, the island's highest peak at 280 meters, or the Punta Incenso trail. From Mount Guardia you can enjoy a 360-degree panorama of the island and the rest of the archipelago. At the top is the "vecchio semaforo," an old Navy building active until the 1950s dedicated to the detection of weather changes. Along oil path it is possible to organize a wine tasting in one of the oldest wineries on the island. The Punta Incenso trail, on the other hand, climbs from the northernmost tip of Ponza, a crossroads for many bird species and therefore ideal for bird watching. From the top stretches a vast plain with views of Palmarola, Zannone and Monte Circeo. Return to Il Palazzetto and free time for the last evening among Ponza's characteristic alleys and typical locales.

Day 4: Naples

After breakfast depart for your next destination.


The tour can be combined with an extension to Nabi Resort & Glamping. Once in Formia you can continue by your own car or by train to Naples or Caserta and from there by rental car.

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