Lively in attitude, joyful and cheerful by nature, with passion for the world, travels, environment and current events I could not but choose a tourism career. My journey started over 30 years ago with first experiences as booking agent in a Travel Agency up to roles of supervisor and co-ordination. My professional path lead me to be a Travel Consultant for the Front Office first and Back Office agent in a Tour Operator thereafter targeting different department such as groups and individuals, incoming and outgoing. I love travel, this, together with the inescapable need connected to my profession, allowed to deepen direct knowledge of most exotic destinations such as Caribbean, Indian Ocean and Africa as well as the closest ones like Tunisie, Turkey, Greece and Mediterranean. Of course on each one of the above place I learn about their culture as well as hospitality options and ancillaries available including their charachteristics. The gained expertise is at my clients' service. I firmly believe each travel becomes a significant and important memory, for any reason; this, together with my innate curiosity, and indeed, a hint of meticulousmess, makes possible also for the most undecided travellers, they can count on an expert and conscentious guide for the choice, design and achievemnet of their journey.


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