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Located in the Arctic Circle, in the city of Rovaniemi, at 800 km north from the Finnish capital, the Arctic Tree House Hotel offers a unique blend of luxury amenities in the heart of Arctic nature. Its structure, inspired by the Lappish style and modern Scandinavian design, is mainly influenced by the fragile nature of the Arctic that surrounds it. Sustainability plays a central role in the Arctic Treehouse Hotel. All buildings are made with Finnish timber, which is an organic material, and gives the hotel a style in line with the natural landscape that surrounds it. In addition, the interior wooden surfaces of the suites create a comfortable environment, provide pleasing acoustic qualities and maintain healthy indoor air. Its different types of accommodation (Suites, Glasshouses and Executive Suites), scattered on a hillside, have been meticulously designed to allow the guest to fully immerse in the Nordic forest, while ensuring total comfort. The midnight sun and the northern lights can be admired from your own bed thanks to the panoramic window that occupies the northern-facing wall of the bedroom. This sensational experience is also given by the special lighting system designed to minimize artificial light pollution, while still providing sufficient light needed to move safely in the woods of the hotel. The hotel gives a charming atmosphere all year round, but during the Christmas season it can gift a unique experience. Thanks to its Christmas Special Packages and New Year’s Special, the hotel allows you to celebrate the most joyful time of the year according to Finnish traditions. The hotel’s exceptional restaurant, the Rakas Restaurant & Bar, delights guests with its unique atmosphere and creative cuisine made with local ingredients. 





27-32 Mq

Glass Houses

50 Mq

Executive Suites

55 Mq


Rakas Restaurant & Bar

Rakas Restaurant & Bar is located in the main building of Arctic TreeHouse Hotel. With its unique ambiance offers many tasty dishes made from local ingredients and prepared with a modern twist. Restaurant chef values seasonal fresh local products and reworks traditional Lappish delicacies, such as reindeer meat, fresh lake fish, wild mushrooms and berries. Dinner, with special arrangements can be served at the campfire shelter beneath the starry skies or in the restaurant private dining room, ensuring once-in-a-lifetime experiences for all the senses.




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