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Oasyhotel is a new hospitality project, engaged in preserving and enhance natural areas. It is located in Tuscany, inside the WWF's affiliate Oasi Dynamo Natural Reserve, a land of about 1000 hectars mostly woodland, a shrine of species of plants typical of the region housing a diversified wildlife including wolves and deers.

Oasyhotel is the first hotel built in Italy as ground for a wider project including accommodation within WWF's affiliated oases, a new kind of hospitality allowing the guest to enjoy all benefits of nature. The hotel boasts 16 wooden eco-lodges and one loft equipped with all comforts of a luxury countryside hotel and wide windows with verand to completely merge in the surrounding wilderness and get all the advantages of the rewinding energy of a natural environment. At Oasyhotel many activities are available as in example  trekking, biking, kayaking and stand up paddle, just to name few. In addition it is possible to explore together with expert guides a land full of centennial trees, protected wildlife and native plants. Horseriding, yoga lessons and orienteering complete the wide range of choices available for the guests.

The Natural Reserve hosting Oasyhotel has the goal to preserve the biodiversity of the full oase through scientific research and farming activities lead by Oasi Dynamo, the farm providing 0 km supply to Oasyhotel's restaurants.

The Natural Reserve project as a whole is therefore supported by Oasyhotel project with reference to the hospitality sector, Oasi Dynamo for all aspects involving preservation, management, knoledge and fruition of the environment, social activities, the latter supported by Fondazione Dynamo and WWF Italia.



64 Mq
2 + 1




64 Mq


Le Felci

Located nearby the eco-lodge, this charming  stone welcomes guests for breakfast, lunch and dinner plus sunset "aperitivi" after a day of outdoor activities. Menus are à la carte and sided by a rich selection of wine available in the hotel.


Casa Luigi

Casa Luigi is located in the farming area with view over the oase and thanks to the ranch style atmosphere is suitable to lunch outdoor tasting the hearty dishes of Tuscany tradition proposing grilled meat together with bio beers and wine. Fruit, milk, yoghurt, cheeses, bread and cakes are some of the Oasy Dynamo Farmhouse delights guests may taste at Casa Luigi.



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