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Wild by name, wild by nature ... Shinta Mani Wild occupies an unspoiled 865-acre river valley on the southern border of the Cardamomo National Forest. In 2010, Sokoun Chanpreda and Bill Bensley purchased the concession on which the camp is now stretched, with the proposal to protect the valley from deforestation. This is how the Shinta Mani Wild was born, a small tended field with low environmental impact, consisting of 15 tents equipped with all comforts. A fusion of international design, hospitality and environmental conservation, where to stay can really make the difference to protect 54 species of animals of the IUCN Red List in danger of extinction. The Shinta Mani staff is constantly looking for new experiences for their guests, even for eating. The gastronomic experience at Shinta Mani is authentic and original, possible in the most varied places and based on typical Southeast Asian dishes. Naturale treatments of the Spa Khmer Tonics are included without extra charge, the are possible in tent, spa, during an excursion and even on boat. The Shinta Mani Wild is part of the Wildlife Alliance and represents a virtuous example of sustainable management: 70% of its employees come from the local village, 120 people including former poachers or illegal tree cutters, does not use disposable plastics, promotes recycling and produces its own drinking water.


Wild Tent

25 Mq

Waterfalls Tent


2-bedrooms Tent



The Landing Zone Bar

The bar menu is a surprise, a drink to sip above the Big Raging Sister Waterfall. Sit down on the vintage Frensch chairs holding your cocktail together with ingredients coming from camp's court, as well as the Wild's mixologists drinks. They will be available to show you how to make the perfect Negroni or how to create your very own drink. The bar can be reached by zipline and, as any bar it is equipped with a big bell to catch attention for the important moments.


The Headquarters

Every afternoon a gardener or one of the chefs from the Headquarter leaves the apron and start his trip into the jungle to catch edible wonders for dinner. The result is a mix of herbs and other delights such as bamboo, wild potatoes, figs, flowers and other plants. This activity means a job for many people from local community. The Headquarters is where meals are available all day long at Shinta Mani, from the quick breakfast for sunrise excursion to the delicious dinner. Each dish is taken care of in the smallest detail by the chefs using fresh seasonal ingredients. An endless choice as where to eat is also available: on the grass, nearby The Cisterne or beside the waterfall. It is a spontaneous expereince which lets to taste traditional Khmer cuisine, a 5-curse dinner or the "25 KM", a sustainable menu made of ingredients avvailable within 25 KM radius.




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