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The creation of Campania's first Natural Oasis was made possible by the environmental regeneration of disused and severely abandoned sand quarries in the Castel Volturno area.

Nabi Resort & Glamping is the largest of its kind in southern Italy and focuses on an innovative and comprehensive approach to wellness in harmony with nature.

4-night itinerary at Nabi Resort & Glamping

Located 45 kilometers from Naples, its strategic location makes it easy to reach many sites of relevant historical and cultural interest in Campania and lower Lazio.

The itinerary can be done on a private basis with a local driver and guide or independently with your own means (rental car or own vehicle).

In the specific case we consider a departure from Rome so as to also highlight sightseeing opportunities along the way, however it is possible to plan arrival at Naples Central Station or Naples-Capodichino Airport and adjust the route accordingly.


Day 1: Nabi Resort & Glamping

Departure from Rome along the Autostrada del Sole highway. A stop in Cassino to visit the Abbey of Montecassino, scene of violent fighting during World War II, is recommended. The Benedictine monastery is the second oldest in Italy, founded in 529 by St. Benedict. The Abbey was massively bombed by Allied forces on Feb. 15, 1944, who believed German wards were housed here. Restoration was carried out from 1948 to 1956 faithfully reconstructing the original architectural layout. Check-in in the tent booked at the Nabi Resort & Glamping. Relaxation in the wellness area and the surrounding nature. Overnight stay.

Day 2: At the Court of the Bourbons

After a healthy breakfast in the restaurants of the Nabi Resort & Glamping we recommend taking the road to Caserta, just 40 minutes from the resort. Here it will be possible to visit the magnificent Royal Palace of Caserta, built by architect Luigi Vanvitelli, who thus fulfilled the dream of King Charles of Bourbon. The construction, begun in 1752, was completed after 20 years of work and exorbitant costs, but the result was one of the most prestigious royal residences in Europe.The medieval village of Casertavecchia, on the slopes of the Tifatini mountains 10 km from Caserta, is also certainly worth a stop. Return to Glamping for relaxation in nature or to practice the many activities available at the resort.

Day 3: in the shadow of Vesuvius

Today you can dedicate your day to Vesuvius and the neighboring archaeological sites. If you are a nature lover we recommend heading to Vesuvius National Park, 11 trails of varying difficulty wind up to the main crater, however for some of them you need permission from the authorities and the presence of specialized guides. If, on the other hand, you prefer a more cultural visit for which Vesuvius is only a background presence, you can opt for visits to Pompeii and Herculaneum, the two cities destroyed by the volcano's eruption in 79 AD. Amazingly preserved from the ashes, they have returned to light in different ways but both with an urban layout and precious details that bring visitors back to the life that was flowing at the time of the eruption. Return to Nabi Resort & Glamping for an aperitif by the pool before reaching Res or La Serra for dinner.

Day 4: Naples

For your last day at Nabi Resort & Glamping, we recommend reaching the capital of Campania after a morning of relaxation and outdoor activities. Your visit can only begin at Sapaccanapoli, the linear road artery that cuts through the ancient city from north to south for 2 kilometers, traversing centuries of the city's history, art and traditions. Other places of note are undoubtedly the Chapel of San Severo, Piazza del Plebiscito, the waterfront with the Maschio Angioino and Castel dell'Ovo. There is certainly no shortage of celebrated locales in which to enjoy an aperitif or sfogliatella before dining at one of the renowned restaurants, choosing between a tasty Neapolitan pizza or a fine seafood menu. Return to the Nabi Resort and Glamping.

Day 5: Goodbye!

After breakfast depart for your next destination.


The tour can be combined with an extension to Il Palazzetto Ponza, on the island of the same name. Simply drive to Formia from which regular ferries depart for Ponza.

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