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Ryokan The Kayotei is located in the small hot springs village of Yamanaka, in Ishikawa prefecture. The inn is surrounded by majestic trees and lovingly nurtured gardens encircled by thickly forested hills. Inside, original painted screens, fine works of pottery and antique “tansu” (old Japanese chests) adorn the hallways and the common spaces. Kayotei’s 10 suite rooms are arranged in the traditional Sukiya style, the architectural space designed for a tea ceremony. The Higashiyama Rooms have expansive views of Kayotei’s own forests and mountains and feature a tatami room in pure Japanese style. The Japanese Suites are designed in the Sukiya style of residential architecture that has its origins in the 17th century housing of Japan’s aristocracy and affluent classes and feature balconies to enjoy the view of the pristine mountains.


Japanese-Western Style Room


Japanese Suite & Family Suite




Guests can dine in the privacy of tatami rooms in the style of Japan's exclusive ryotei restaurants. Meals here are exquisitely prepared with attention to every detail by Kayotei's skilled chefs. They are masters of the visual as well as culinary art of true Japanese kaiseki cuisine, using local seafood and locally grown seasonal vegetables.Style of service is different from a conventional luxury hotel. Ryokan usually offer two meals for each night’s stay, breakfast and dinner.

Kayotei's Bath

The baths at Kayotei are pure luxury, as befitting special waters from the hot springs of Yamanaka, renowned for their soothing and curative properties. Kayotei`s main bath is surrounded by towering glass walls which seem to draw the pristine forested hills inside. Always open and with only ten guest rooms at this ryokan , this experience may well be all your own.

Kokin Salon Bar

Upon arrival at Kayotei make your first stop the kokin salon bar for a relaxing cup of complimentary herb tea, locally grown in the mountains and valleys surrounding the Yamanaka onsen region. A cup of soothing tea while soaking in the view from the kokin salon balcony is just the beginning of the Kayotei experience.



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