Argentina has always aroused the exotic dreams of those who let themselves be enchanted by the boundless territories, whose diversity makes every visit a new discovery. Land between reality and legend, Argentina attracts for its majestic landscapes: the deserts of the north, the extensive pampas where the myth of gaucho was built, the spectacular waterfalls of Iguazu, the cordillera of the southern Andes, the huge sleeping volcanoes, the silent glaciers, the beautiful and dramatic landscapes of Patagonia. And then there is the capital, Buenos Aires, a refined and European city, lively and fascinating, cosmopolitan and hectic. In an interweaving of people, stories and ancient traditions, in the passion of music and tango, Argentina reveals itself in all its fascinating beauty.

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South America / Argentina / Iguazú National Park

Yacutinga Lodge is located on the river Iguazu, in the far northeast of Argentina, just 80 kilometers from the Iguazu Falls. The Iguazu National Park is a region of large waterways, reddish earth, mild subtropical climate and lush forests. The lodge ...

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