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Yacutinga Lodge is located on the river Iguazu, in the far northeast of Argentina, just 80 kilometers from the Iguazu Falls. The Iguazu National Park is a region of large waterways, reddish earth, mild subtropical climate and lush forests. The lodge is within a private reserve of 570 hectares, located on the border between Argentina and Brazil, consisting of a pristine subtropical forest that is home to more than two thousand identified species of vascular plants and over 400 species of birds, mammals, reptiles and butterflies that exceed 50% of those recorded throughout Argentina. The Lodge is a comfortable retreat completely immersed in nature occupying only 4 hectares of the reserve. Its structures gently follow the natural slopes of the terrain and blend in with the surrounding vegetation. The lodge was built by hand, with fallen logs and stones that have been inserted into a rustic design that reinforces the naturalistic aspect of the place. It consists of several well-distributed modules, one central with common areas and others with 4 rooms each for a total of 21 rooms, of which 6 double or triple rooms and a special room "Yatei", ideal for honeymoon moons of adventurous and sophisticated couples. In Yacutinga, nature lovers can take guided jungle walks or sail along the waterways to explore and discover the rich biodiversity of the reserve. The lodge offers specially designed packages for couples, families and companies that want to do team building activities. Ideal for relaxation, the Lodge offers yoga classes and lovely places to meditate. Its cuisine respects local traditions and uses organic products to prepare typical and international dishes, healthy and perfectly balanced. Its vegetarian and vegan menus are also interesting. The experience in Yacutinga is focused on the well-being and balance between man and the nature that offers the place. Yacutinga Lodge, in addition to being a low-impact ecotourism project for the environment, is also a biological station where various researches are underway with the technical support of the Argentine Wild Wildlife Foundation (FVSA).


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The Restaurant

At Yacutinga Lodge respect toward local culture reflexes in the catering offer which holds international standards featuring also the traditional dishes. Ingredients come mailnly from neighbouring farmhouses, chemical free and focused on seasonal produce.  Rest of supplies come form nearby town of Andresito. Dishes are tasting like homemade food and any dietary requirements can be sorted to meet guests needs.




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