Nepal, with an area of about 147,000 square kilometers, lies at the foot of the spectacular peaks of the Himalayas. It is a land of extraordinary landscapes and ancient temples, crossed by the most beautiful paths in the world. It is a poor country, but rich in natural beauty, history and culture. The earthquake of 2015 marked this country, but with humble pride the most important attractions have been rebuilt and the main passages restored. Sustainable tourism is one of the priorities of the Nepalese government since 2009 because it is considered strategic for its socio-economic development and able to improve the standard of living of its people. 

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Duration 8 Nights

An itinerary to get in touch with the history and culture of this wonderful country, visiting the main attractions of Kathmandu and the surrounding areas such as Pashupatinath, sacred city for Hindus and famous for the rites of cremation and purifica...

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