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Heritage Hotels

Middle East / Turkey / Cappadocia

Perched just above the historic rocky fortress of Uçhisar, in the heart of Cappadocia, the Argos resort is an oasis steeped in the history, and culture of Turkey. Its structure emerges from the ruins of an ancient monastery and extends through an anc...

Heritage Hotels

Central Asia & Caucaso / Pakistan / Shigar

Serena Shigar Fort, known as Fong-Khar, which means the “Palace on the Rock,” in the local language, consists in a 450-year-old Fort and 17th century Raja Palace nestled in the mountainous landscape of Baltistan, Pakistan. Here the magnificent Karako...

Duration 10 Nights

The Silk Road ECOLUXURY China e Pakistan 10 nights A journey with unique landscape features along the north-western borders of Pakistan, through the Karakoram mountain range, where some of the highest peaks in the world are located. From the marke...

Starting from 4.200 €
Duration 5 Nights

Turkey ECOLUXURY 6 Days Situated on a plateau in the heart of the Anatolian peninsula, Cappadocia, whose name means "land of beautiful horses, is a unique place rich in history and natural beauty: stunning underground cities, churches carved into t...

Starting from 1.900 €

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