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East Asia / Japan / Yamanaka

Ryokan The Kayotei is located in the small hot springs village of Yamanaka, in Ishikawa prefecture. The inn is surrounded by majestic trees and lovingly nurtured gardens encircled by thickly forested hills. Inside, original painted screens, fine work...

Starting from920 €
Heritage Hotels

East Asia / China / Lijiang

Situated atop Lion Hill in the heart of Lijiang in China’s Yunnan Province, Amandayan lies among breathtaking mountains above the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Dayan, the historic name for Lijiang when it was established in the 13th century by the Mu...

Starting from545 €

East Asia / Japan / Shuzenj

A charming Ryokan, surrounded by nature located in Shuzenj, on the Katsuura River, 90 minutes from Tokyo. Rich in history dating back 500 years, it is famous for its outdoor Onsen and the Noh Stage, where traditional performances are staged periodica...

Duration 13 Nights

A complete itinerary to discover the historical and cultural aspects of this charming country. China is a vast territory that ranges from modern metropolises to sacred peaks, extraordinary caves and imperial ruins. This trip will allow you to get to...

Starting from 8.500 €
Duration 7 Nights

A journey to discover Japan starting from Tokyo, a city where modernity and tradition blend perfectly, passing through Hakone with its natural sites and museums, up to the historic Kyoto, known as the city of a thousand temples. Accommodation on Tou...

Starting from 7.300 €
Duration 10 Nights

Yunnan, a province in south-west China, boasts great ethnological diversity; it borders to the north with Tibet and to the south with the jungles of Burma, and has cities and landscapes of great interest. In a few days you will be able to discover th...

Starting from 4.300 €
Duration 10 Nights

The Silk Road ECOLUXURY China e Pakistan 10 nights   A journey with unique landscape features along the north-western borders of Pakistan, through the Karakoram mountain range, where some of the highest peaks in the world are located. From the ma...

Starting from 4.200 €

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