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Project description

The 6 Shops of Su Gogolone were born in 2008 as a space to enhance handicrafts, an expression of the culture and tradition of the area. A creative space where to bring together different creatives and creativity. The Botteghe represent an interesting project of women's empowerment because of the number of craftswomen who work there. They produce colorful textiles, embroidered pillows, typical shawls according to the Olianese tradition, while ceramics and porcelain depict the works of artists of the Sardinian twentieth century. These are the "Su Gologone Style" creations that are intended to introduce guests and those who buy them online to the history, tradition and culture of Barbagia.

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda

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Europa Italy / Oliena

Su Gologone Experience Hotel, is located in Oliena in the beautiful Barbagia, a rugged and surprising land of Sardinia with the sea just a few tens of kilometres away. The hotel, with a strong culinary tradition, offers pleasant surprises in an unexp...

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