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In collaboration with Seamarc, a marine consulting firm, COMO COCOA ISLAND has embarked on a project to plant new coral frames on the seafloor that encourage new reefs to grow and thrive. In 1998 and 2016, the atmospheric phenomenon known as El Niño produced a significant increase in water temperature in the Indian Ocean that destroyed much of the corals, stripping a large number of coral reefs in the Maldivian islands, which are now white in color. Although there is still a plethora of intact coral reefs, it is important to restore coral habitats both for the local economy and for a quarter of marine species.

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda

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Known locally as Makunufushi, COMO Cocoa Island is a private island with white sand in the atholl South Malè, only 40 minutes by speedboat from the international airport.  The up-market romantic resort has 33 over water villas overlooking the tu...

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