Serra Ferdinandea bio-dynamic


Project description

Serra Ferdinandea is a unique agricultural organism, a plot of land of rare beauty, between scrub and woods between 400 and 500 meters above sea level on the western edge of the Sicani Mountains, between Sciacca and Sambuca di Sicilia. Here an agricultural management following the principles of biodynamics has come to life, born from the common vision of the Oddo and Planeta families, who with passion and friendship wanted to bring France and Sicily together in this special project. An area devoted to viticulture since Phoenician times, the soils of Serra Ferdinandea derive from the disintegration and alteration of the limestone rocks that still outcrop at its edges. The complex agricultural and floral-faunal organism where the microbial and soil organism life of the area explored by the roots has never been disturbed. The inclusion of animal species, such as cows, and insects, such as the Sicilian black bee, together with small vineyards alternating with Mediterranean scrub and the other crops present (perciasacchi wheat, chickpeas, ancient white fig, and land devoted to fallow), guarantee Terra Ferdinandea not only polyfunctionality but also agricultural circularity. This balance is maintained through the use of biodynamic practices that work the land with respect for nature and seasonal cycles with the support of products, which come from the agricultural organism itself, safeguarding and promoting biodiversity through dedicated actions depending on the conditions and needs of the land.

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda

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