Sand quarries: an example of industrial archaeology


Project description

Laghi Nabi project has born with the aim to give new life to an abandoned area holding the legacy and restore the element of industrial archaeology. Nabi is the merge between Nature and Bioarchitecture. The long and challenging land reclamation and riqualification process allowed to recover ancient  artefacts in an area originally covered by the sea, hence the origin of the following quarries and that is the reason why occasionally you may find shells walking along the lakes. Freshwaters reservoirs are the inheritance of those quarries. It is still possible to see the old silos, wisely refurbished  and recognized as industrial archaeological monuments to remember the origin of the site. 

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda

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Europa Italy / Castel Volturno

Laghi Nabi opened in May 2020 thanks to the professional expertise of landscaping experts, architects, engineers, artisans and professionals of the hospitality industry. The creation of Campania's first Natural Oasis has been possible through the...

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