Luminescent bicycle path and new trees


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Laghi Nabi Resort & Glamping is committed to reduce the environmental impact since its foundation, starting from the bio-architecture it has been built accordingly. Aluminuim and recycled PET together with other sustainable recycled materials are part of the day-by-day operations. Thermo-solar panels, adjustable water flow devices, photovoltaic panels are just some of the technologies supporting the clean energy supply. Moreover all internal moving is by electric carts. Last but not least every month ten new trees are planted for a woodland repopulation and to offsetting C2 emission. Since the project began in 2020, more than 500 new trees have been planted. Another highlight of Nabi Lakes is Europe's longest natural luminescence bike path. It is made of stones that capture sunlight during the day and release it back at night in the form of fascinating plays of light turning the bike ride into an amazing experience.

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda

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Laghi Nabi opened in May 2020 thanks to the professional expertise of landscaping experts, architects, engineers, artisans and professionals of the hospitality industry. The creation of Campania's first Natural Oasis has been possible through the...

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